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Welcome To Collectible Treasures Antique and Collectibles.  We offer an online catalog with unique collectibles from the past.  Recently added Japanese and Asian art, collectible vintage artwork by various artist, and our online catalog is being revamped with newly added vintage and used items.  Our items consist mostly of unique often one of a kind treasures from the past.  We also have our personal website with some interesting things we have done in the past 10 years online, and have left our items sold pages for researching your treasures possible value.

Online Catalog

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About Collectible Treasures

Collectible Treasures Antique and Collectibles was
originally started in 2000, as a personal website, with
an online catalog added, to find new homes for antiques
and collectibles, that I acquired thru both my parents
estate, and my grandmother's.  

I worked five years on the site, and did quite a bit of
selling of many of the items that I had available.  I
enjoyed doing that tremendously, and then in 2007
my husband died, and I just didn't have the heart to
continue working with my site, or my catalog.  

So now after 7 years of trying to deal with the loss of
my husband, I have returned to my site to review it,
and to see where I might now take it.  It is still linked
with many of the interests I had in antiques and
collectibles, I am now offering again my online catalog
of items for sell, taking the necessary time to go thru
my website and update the pages, as well as add items
to the online catalog as time allows me to do so.  

I will be exploring different avenues and different
things that I can redo my site that will offer hopefully
interesting things for any who may find their way here.  
I hope that all who drop by will browse the many pages
that I have left, and come again later to see what I have
added.  Of course this will take time, so I appreciate
everyone's understanding.  Drop me a line if you wish,
and any suggestions you might have for me.  I would
love hearing from you.

You can still research your antique and collectible items
from within the website's "items we have sold" links.  
Thank you for being patient with us during our change
over, and especially for your stopping by and visiting
us, and to all our customers both past and hopefully
future we appreciate you very much.

Our Original About Page:  
Just to let you know more about us:

We were physically located in the small town of
Oliver Springs in the beautiful state of  Tennessee.  
Just a hop skip and jump from Oak Ridge, Tennessee
and  within 20 miles of Knoxville, TN.  

Windrock Mountain which is where I was born,  and
was once a mining community, of which my Father
worked in the mines both before he did a four year
service in the Army, and after he came home, up till
the time it went non-union, it is about a 3 mile drive
from where I presently live.  TVA  has recently put
up 3 windmills towers upon the top of the mountain.  
If you are interested in some of the history of Windrock
I suggest you visit this site, which has some good
pictures and info on the subject:

or at least did when I last viewed it.

I was born and raised here, most all my family is in
this area.  My husband I met up north in Indiana when
my Father moved north for work after  the mines shut
down.  We have been married this June 5th 2006 since
1965,  41 years now.  If my husband had lived we would
celebrate our 49th year of marriage this June 6th, 2014.  
He has now been gone for almost 7 years now, and I
still miss him very much.  I still love him very much.

My husband had worked as an I.B.E.W.  ( thats short
for International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers )
as a Journeyman Electrician since 1966, up till last year
when he became disabled due to chronic lung disease.  
He isn't able to do much at one time now, without
having to rest,  but he does try to help as he can, while
I am working online.  He has become quite the cook,
and can do up mashed potatoes that would melt in your
mouth!  He is a wonderful man, and I am very blessed
to have him.  I love him very much, even more
than I did years ago when I said,  I do, at our wedding.  

**My darling husband passed away on Feb. 6, 2007.  
Three days after his 62nd birthday .  I miss him terribly
and will forever love him and cherish the life we had
together for almost 42 years.   It has now been almost 7
years since he passed away, and I am now trying to
review my site and take it in a new direction.**

Our daughter and son are grown.  Have wonderful
children of their own, and are kept busy with the
awesome responsibility all that entails.  We have six
grand-children, our oldest will soon be eighteen and
the youngest will be three years old this coming Jan.  

Update:  Our grandchildren with the exception of our
oldest, are all now teenagers.  One just got married and
had a baby, our second great-grandchild.  A boy!  Now
we have a boy and a girl great grandchildren, and most
likely more will follow as our other two granddaughters
are reaching the age of 18 and getting ready to soon
graduate high school.  Then our grandsons still have a
ways to go yet, but you can never tell, lol.

Note: This was when my husband was alive, I just
couldn't delete what was something special to me in
our about pages.

My husband and I use to go fishing every now and
then, he did all the icky stuff for me, like putting that
moving slimy worm on the hook, changing my line
when it becomes necessary, ( which is some-times was
all he got to do) and I caught the fish!  Oh, he'd  take the
fish off the hook for me too.  My sister-in-law calls me
a wimp!

There is a place that is a little over an hours drive from
where we live here, Called Brigadoon Resort, if you are
ever down this way it would be well worth your while to
check it out.  The fishing is great, the view is beyond
compare, the people are friendly and the pace is slow.  
You would love it.   It is outside of Rockwood, Tn....
A truly wonderful place to vacation at.  If you should
stop by tell those nice people Linda and Dale Parker
referred you.   They know how much we love their
beautiful place.  They have cabins for rent as well as
hook-ups for campers.  I think they have their own
website, but you will have to search for it  because I
don't remember the url..

UPDATE April 2005: Rumour has it that Brigadoon
Resort has closed their resort and are building homes
in the area.  

Note: This is just what I have been told, I haven't yet
went down to see if this is true or not, so I am not sure
whether the resort is still there or not.  Just wanted to
mention it, so that Anyone reading this that might be
planning to visit Brigadoon Resort, first check with
them to see if they are still providing the lake access
for camping and cabin rentals.  It is a breath-takingly
beautiful area and I do hope that the resort continues
as it was when I was last there, but if it is now a private
residential area I wish the home owners the best.  They
surely have a lovely site to view out their windows..!

Update: June 29, 2005
We took a ride down to Brigadoon just last week, and
to our dismay, it is no longer there!  Everything, even the
office and cafe, along with all the cabins, with the
exception of two which were boarded up, have been
taken down and off  the property.  All the campsites,
even the ones that paid yearly, some for over 20 years,
were gone.  The place was not the same, not even the
lovely views looked the same.  They still have their
website up at this date, but the resort is gone.  We heard,
not sure of all this as fact however,  that a couple of
partners bought the place, and one of the men have plans
to build his wife a home there.  My, what a lovely place
they will indeed have, and I am happy for them, but so disappointed that the most beautiful resort around
is gone. It makes it seem all like a dream that we were
even there but we do have the memories of that lovely
serene place.  We will miss it very much.

Oh, and take a ride up on Windrock Mountain, its
another beautiful place to see the outstanding mountains
and valleys in the area.  There is no  camping site, as far
as I know you can't camp there, or anything like that ,
just the closed mines (which you can't go in naturally)
they have closed the entrance according to the info from
the above mentioned url...and the  Windmills.  

The road up to the mountain is fairly ruff, unless they
have repaired or replaced it since we last went up there.  
They do have alot of off the road, or 4-wheelers that go
there now, and the company  that owns the mountain
property charges a fee to go up the mountain.  But the
view is brearthtakingly beautiful and would be well
worth the fee!  Just make sure you plan for it, and take
along drinks for the children,  alot of water, and food.   
A Picnic would be lovely  up there.  Its rustic, no water
that I know of, no bathroom's and such.  It's
the great outdoors in all its natural spendor!

We hope you enjoy our site and
welcome your Feedback
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