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Welcome To Collectible Treasures Antique and Collectibles.  We offer an online catalog with unique collectibles from the past.  Recently added Japanese and Asian art, collectible vintage artwork by various artist, and our online catalog is being revamped with newly added vintage and used items.  Our items consist mostly of unique often one of a kind treasures from the past.  We also have our personal website with some interesting things we have done in the past 10 years online, and have left our items sold pages for researching your treasures possible value.

Online Catalog

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Continued More About Us

Collectible Treasures Antique and Collectibles was originally started as a personal website, with an online catalog added, to
find new homes for antiques and collectibles, that I acquired
thru both my parents estate, and my grandmother's.  I worked
five years on the site, and did quite a bit of selling of many
of the items that I had available.  I enjoyed doing that
tremendously, and then in 2007 my husband died, and I just
didn't have the heart to continue working with my site, or my catalog.  So now after 4 years of trying to deal with the loss of
my husband, I have returned to my site to review it, and to
see where I might now take it.  It is still linked with many of
the interests I had in antiques and collectibles.  

I will be exploring different avenues and different things that
I can redo my site that will offer hopefully interesting things
for any who may find their way here.  I hope that all who drop
by will browse the many pages that I have left, and come again
later to see what I have added.  Of course this will take time, so
I appreciate everyone's understanding.  Drop me a line if you
wish, and any suggestions you might have for me.  I would
love hearing from you.

You can still research your antique and collectible items from
within the website's "items we have sold" links.  Thank you for being patient with us during our change over, and especially
for your stopping by and visiting us, and to all our customers
both past and hopefully future we appreciate you very much.

I truely enjoy browsing the internet, visiting sites that are
related to antiques and collectibles.   I have spent many
hours doing that and it is the same as if I were browsing
our local antique shops and malls.  The time spent looking
and enjoying the beautiful things from the past seem like
only minutes!  I love the time I spend on the internet, and
have truely came to the point that I do most of my shopping
online, in the comfort of my home.   I seldom shop at the
stores I use to anymore, I can even order from most of them
online now.  It sure beats the crowds and traffic during the
holiday sales!  The experience of the internet is truely

As I am considering what direction to now take my website,
after four years of more or less just floating, since my
husband's death, I know I will stay with the love and
interest that my site started with over ten years ago, and
that is vintage collectibles from the past.  I am beginning to
update my pages, and when that is complete, will also be
updating and adding new collectible items to my online
catalog with various collectible treasures.  I do hope all who
happen on my site, will come again and visit me in the future,
to see what I have added to the site, and new collectible items
I have added to the catalog.

We hope you enjoy our site and welcome
your Feedback  

© 2000 - 2014  
Collectible Treasures Antique and Collectibles All Rights Reserved.  
No Part Of  This Web Site May Be Copied, Including Images and
Text Without Prior Written Consent.  No direct linking to any
photographs that are within the main personal area pages of
Collectible Treasures Antique and Collectibles, or it's online
catalog is allowed.
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The American Flag.  We proudly display the American Flag.  We are proud of our country and our American Heritage!USA


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