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Welcome To Collectible Treasures Antique and Collectibles.  We offer an online catalog with unique collectibles from the past.  Recently added Japanese and Asian art, collectible vintage artwork by various artist, and our online catalog is being revamped with newly added vintage and used items.  Our items consist mostly of unique often one of a kind treasures from the past.  We also have our personal website with some interesting things we have done in the past 10 years online, and have left our items sold pages for researching your treasures possible value.

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Our Adventure's At Brigadoon

The photographs below are larger than thumbnails, so in the
downloading of them might take a few minutes longer.  I
include a few photographs and little stories of our adventures
at Brigadoon.

My darling husband Dale, ( Always Buddy to me and his
family ), passed away Feb. 6, 2007.  He had his 62 birthday
on Feb. 3rd, three days before he died.   My husband was
as much a part of this website and it's creation as I, for he
gave me the time to work on it, create it, and dreamed of
my success in all that I desired to do with it.  In honor of
my darling who I miss achingly I add the following in
honour of his memory and our life together.  We enjoyed
camping at what was once known as Brigadoon Camp
Grounds in Rockwood, TN.  Brigadoon as we knew it is
no longer there, but my memories of the wonderful and
special times we spent there are still alive within me.  

When times get's over-bearingly lonely, or I am facing
unpleasant decisions, or just simply tired, I go back to
Brigadoon and the memories I have of being there with
my husband during very special moments in our lives.  
So I share this with you.

Below:  My husband, Buddy with his catch of the day.  
He was very proud of the fish he caught here.  He didn't
always get a chance to really fish, I kept him busy re-doing
my line or baiting my hook for me.  He always did that for
me, even when he didn't really want to!  We had little
"contests" to see who would catch the most fish in  a day.  
And sometimes I would win,  but mostly he did.  

Below:  My husband, Buddy, fishing at Brigadoon.  We loved being at our campsite there.  We could look over the water to
the island that you can see in the distance.  We went to that
island once, with neighboring campers Cory and Charles in
their pontoon boat one day.  It was a very nice experience for
me, even though I can't swim, and we were way out from the shoreline!  

It has been almost 7 years now since my husband died.  
Sometimes it seems like forever, sometimes it seems like just
yesterday.  I still miss him terribly at times, and even though
I am doing my best to go forward, so much of me was
wrapped in him and our live together, that I still find myself
going in circle's it seems, in trying to start myself in a direction
that is productive for me, meaningful for me, and satisfying.  

I am coming again to have some interest in my website, and
want to re-do it with the theme of collectibles and vintage
things of the past, for I do love the history of that, but I may
find newer things to try instead.  I still have the mobile phone
that my husband purchased, it was suppose to be an upgrade
to mine, but instead I let him pick it for himself, since I was
happy with the one I had at the time.  It has what use to be
our home number still in the address book of it, and I can't
seem to delete it, nor his theme songs, Hang 'Em High, The
Theme from The Good, Bad and the Ugly.  I can't delete
them either for some reason.  I guess that is ok, I can't
delete everything from our life together, I wouldn't want to.

We had very special times at Brigadoon, the best I can
remember that we had together, just him and me.  We
enjoyed the campfire's both during the day and at night.  
We loved listening to the gentle waves of the lake coming
into the shoreline.  We loved watching the refection of the
moon when it shone bright and full over the lake.  We
loved just simply being there together in our motorhome.  
We had most all the comforts of home, and the most
beautiful view of the whole campsite before us.  It was
indeed a most special time for us, and I cherish always the
memory of it with him.


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