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Welcome To Collectible Treasures Antique and Collectibles.  We offer an online catalog with unique collectibles from the past.  Recently added Japanese and Asian art, collectible vintage artwork by various artist, and our online catalog is being revamped with newly added vintage and used items.  Our items consist mostly of unique often one of a kind treasures from the past.  We also have our personal website with some interesting things we have done in the past 10 years online, and have left our items sold pages for researching your treasures possible value.                  Art by Linda Parker

Online Catalog

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Collectible Treasures Antique and Collectibles Tips on Estimating Antique and Collectibles
These are a few tips that I have found helpful acquiring and/or judging
pricing values for items we put in our online inventory.  These are just
personal tips, and for an accurate value to your collectible I would suggest seeking the services of a certified appraiser.

Often I get email inquiries desiring to know what their treasured collectible or antique is worth, or how they would find the price value
of their collectible or more information relating to the history of their collectible.  As I am not a certified appraiser, and cannot give value ranges for items, which I have posted on various pages of our
website, I do try to however help point my visitors and customers
in a direction of researching their collectibles that possibly would
prove successful in valuing their collection or item.  However the
research is or can become quite time consuming and intensive,
it's according to the difficulty in finding online information relating
to the item.  

The fastest and probably most accurate way to value your
collectible or antique is simply having it appraised.  I use  as a helpful source when I hit upon a
hard to find or value item.  They have proven to be most reliable and efficient in appraising an item for me.  The link to their site is placed
on most all our pages within the website, with the exclusion of our
online catalog.  It is as follows should you desire to check them out
in considering having an item you wish to find the value of without
taking the time consuming researching online method.  They are
quite reasonable in their fee, and it is well worth it to know what an
item can possibly bring in the collectible market today.

Visit today
for an expert opinion and appraisal of your collectible or antique.  
Check them out it is well worth the small fee they charge for an
appraisal from an expert appraiser.

Now if you would rather not pay for an expert appraisal from any appraiser, then the next best step in valuing your collectible or
antique is the internet, or books which list price values, ( can be
quite expensive to obtain ), or your local antique dealer, library,
museum, etc., possibly could provide information relating to your treasured collectible.

I particularly love the internet...!  Researching in this manner can
be both rewarding, amusing along the way, frustrating if the item is extremely rare or hard to find, very time consuming, and yet the
most convenient short of asking for expert assistance, or just simply getting the item appraised.  Keep in mind that an appraised price is simply a range of value an item could sell for in the collectible market  today.  Really when it comes right down to it,  a collectible item, or antique,  is worth what a collector is willing to pay for that particular collectible or antique, based on its desirabilty, collectibility, condition, rarity, and not necessarily its age..!  People collect many various and diverse items, even old out dated cd's of Aol's online service..  Old
keys, locks, pens and pencil's, naturally tools, vintage golf irons,
clubs, balls, cameras, hats, you name it, and you probably can find somewhere, someplace, someone who loves it for whatever
reason...!  What a wonderful unique and exciting world of
collecting brings to us today..!

Note:  In researhing any item online, any website I visit that  does
not include photographs of their items, I immediately leave.  After all
I am looking for an item either like mine or similar, and description
alone does not help me in finding that.  So if they are lacking in
showing their items photographs, then I simply leave that site and
go on to another one.  I will spend hours on a large site which includes photographs of their items.  This is true also if I am browsing the
auction sites as well.  No photographs,  then I am out of
there, saving me some time in my research...!

If you have an item you simply will not pay for an appraisal for, simply cannot find information in any form whether local, thru the internet, whatever, and you just come up empty handed on pricing  for your
item,  well just look at it,  consider its condition, rarity, collectibility, desirability, and WHAT WOULD YOU be willing to pay for it, if you
really desired adding the item to your collection.  Put your price on
it, and if it is wanted by someone who thinks its priced to high, yet
really wants to add it to their collection, they will usually discuss
with you the price range they are willing to pay you for the item.  
You then can accept, deny, lower your price to what you are willing
to accept bottom line, and discuss the price again.  If they want it
they will buy it, if they don't and you really want to sell it, then you
can agree to their price, sell it to them, and everybody is happy..!

Either way you go, researching the item First is always a good investment in time.  Because you will know  what that item, or an
item similar to it, is bringing in the market today generally, and can
judge accordingly,  after taking your items condition and other
factors into mind.

This is how I do research on items we place within our online catalog,  
( with the exception of using when I come
upon a hard to value item, or just simply don't have the time for the research and want to get it listed in the catalog and go own with business..! :)  

I go to ( I prefer ),  ( you use whatever search engine
you like, or a variety of them ),  and I type in the search bar  the most specific words I can find on the item, if there are no markings, no
words, then I simply try the name of the item with words such as
vintage, antique, or collectible, etc.  I browse the pages that come
up in the search, looking for an item like or similar to the one I have.  Usually I get off  track sometimes, by other things I see as I am browsing, but I can always get back on track, this is just a little amusement for me as I browse, and I find such wonderful things and
helpful information as I go along in my search that time seems to
stand still..!  Until I look at the clock, that is..!

I have had great success in this type of researching, most of the
time.  When I don't I go to and get it over
with..!  or I just simply judge to what I have seen in my research and place the item in the catalog at our preferred asking price.  I have accepted offers from customers who were interested in the item,
yet requested if I would sell it at their price, which most have been
an acceptable offer.

Always keep yourself open to offers.  If you don't want to keep your
collection, collectible or antique, and want to find a good home for
it to someone who is really looking and desiring that item, then
accepting a reasonable lower offer will prove to be a successful
move on your part, and both parties get what they want..!

For those who are antique and collectible buffs, love the uniqueness
of items  from the past, and love looking for them, remember, yes
some collectibles may be around in abundance, yet alot are not,
and if you find an item you desire, and don't like the asking price,
then when you make an offer of purchase, make a reasonable offer
and you will most likely get it accepted.  Any offers that are totally  unacceptable and unreasonable will usually be turned down, and
that item is then lost to you unless you can run across  it again at another time and another place in the future.  Then it has the
potential to cost more as value ranges increase.

I hope that these personal opinions of mine, and the suggested researching
methods help you to obtain a price range for your collection or
collectible item, or antique.  These are personal opinions and
personal methods that I use only, and are given here as
suggestions in pricing value ranges for your items.  

There are many, many other methods in researching, and the most advisable on an item which could potentially be most valuable, is to
get an expert appraisal on that item.  Not only for your records and insurance purposes, peace of mind, and a knowledgable price that
you could obtain for that item should you desire to sell it at  anytime.  

Again the appraisal service I use for the above such
purposes is :
Some of the Online Researching Sources I use are Within
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