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Feb. 2003 Book Review
 Collectible Treasures Antique and Collectibles
Book Review Feb. 2003

This Month's Book Review is From The Book Title:
The Pulse Test:
The Secret of Building YOUR BASIC HEALTH  
by Arthur F. Coca, M.D.
Copyright 1956, 1958 by  Arthur F. Coca, M.D.

To: Emil Baron von Dungern scientist, philosopher, poet,
my teacher with gratitude

I am happy to acknowledge the expert assistance that has been
so generously given to the composition of this book by the late
John J. O'Neill, Science Editor of the New York Herald Tribune.

Publisher's Preface

Sometime in the early part of 1954, I heard that a man suffering
from diabetes had put aside his insulin and was leading a normal
healthful life without it.  I heard that a man who had been
unsuccessfully hospitalized for extremely painful and serious
stomach ulcers was later cured of his ulcers in a matter of days,
and was  now living a happy ulcer-free life.  My curiosity was
aroused when I learned that the cause of his illness had been found
to be cow's milk-the very thing he was being given to "relieve" the
pain.  Cow's milk is nutritious  and desirable for most people, but
this patient was allergic to it.

As an editor and a reporter, I was curious about these surprising
reports.  I am a skeptic by nature and training,  and so I sought
out the doctor who had been responsible for these remarkable

To my consternation, I discovered that what I had heard was only
a small part of the truth.  I learned that hundreds of people had
been cured of a long list of illnesses  by what appeared to be a
completely revolutionary approach to ill health.

I was profoundly impressed by Dr. Arthur F. Coca's astonishing
results in the treatment of a long list of  diseases.  He seemed to
have found a way to remove the causes of many illnesses rather
than simply deal with their symptoms.

Members of my own family have since benefited greatly by what
I learned.

I have interviewed people who were told by their physicians that
"nothing could be done" to relieve one kind of  affliction or
another, and then in a matter of a few weeks they returned to good
health thanks to Dr. Coca's discoveries.

The Coca pulse-dietary method is simple--yet it requires the
complete cooperation of the patient.  It would best be tried under
the guidance of a physician trained in the method.

However, if your physician is not yet acquainted with the Coca
technique, you could apply it yourself, safely in your own home,
by carefully following what this book tells you.

The method is completely harmless.  It is relatively  simple.  
There are no magic elixirs and there is nothing whatsoever to

The reward for taking the pulse test and heeding what it shows
you can mean the addition of ten to twenty more years to your
life...years free of high blood pressure, heart attacks, headaches
and a score of other ailments.

Dr. Arthur F. Coca has opened the door to the prevention and
cure of a host of  illnesses.  You have but to enter.

This is the first book Dr. Arthur Coca has ever written for the
layman.  Much of what appears here has  previously appeared in
a scientific medical work of which three editions have been

Dr. Coca's professional accomplishments would fill many pages.  
Suffice it to say that for seventeen years he was  Medical Director
of Lederle Laboratories, one of the largest pharmaceutical houses
in the world.  He is Honorary President of the American
Association of Immunologists.  He was the founder and first editor
of the  Journal of Immunology which is the foremost medical
publication in its field.

He taught at Cornell, the University of  Pennsylvania and the Post-
Graduate  Medical School at Columbia University.

He has discussed the contents of this book at a  seminar at the New
School for Social Research  which was attended by delegates from
fourteen nations.

This book is being published because a number of people who have
been helped by the Coca  technique convinced Dr. Coca that there
was no need to wait half a century for the medical recognition which
must eventually come.

We convinced him that by informing the layman, he would hasten the
day when the medical profession would be  forced to seriously examine
these findings and this technique.

When that day comes, the physician will apply them too....and
millions of men and women will be helped by Dr. Coca's important
contribution to the health and well-being of mankind.

A monumental discovery has been made.

This book is an attempt to spread the good word.

Lyle Stuart

The Pulse Test

Foreword:  What Allergy Really Is

A recent editorial in a medical journal says that he who would define
allergy  must write a book.  You have a book in your hands, but we
will not devote it  to  definitions.

Rather let's concentrate on your health.

You will find in these pages that allergy means  something far more
important to your health and to the length of your life than you ever
possibly imagined.

Before you are done with this book, you will know that allergy no
longer means merely hay-fever or asthma or an outbreak of hives.  It
can also mean high blood pressure, diabetes, epileptic seizures and
stammering.  It means "that tired feeling," constipation, stomach ulcer,
spells of dizziness, headaches and mental depression.  In truth, it may
mean much of what ails the health and happiness of human beings.

However, the book would fail of its chief purpose if it  merely explained
allergy.  Much more important, it tells you what to do about it.

The visiting doctor can hardly leave his patient without having used his
thermometer, his stethoscope and his watch.

With his watch he times the pulse.  But as often as he does this in his
busy career it is exceptional for him to use the pulse count either to
diagnose the illness or to plan its relief.

The pulse has been almost totally neglected as an  indicator of ill health.  
Yet this simplest of all the  methods of examination is the key to some
of the deepest mysteries of man's existence--the key with which he may
emancipate himself from ill health.

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