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Welcome To Collectible Treasures Antique and Collectibles.  We offer an online catalog with unique collectibles from the past.  Recently added Japanese and Asian art, collectible vintage artwork by various artist, and our online catalog is being revamped with newly added vintage and used items.  Our items consist mostly of unique often one of a kind treasures from the past.  We also have our personal website with some interesting things we have done in the past 10 years online, and have left our items sold pages for researching your treasures possible value.                 Art by Linda Parker

Online Catalog

Collectible Treasures Antique and Collectibles Frequently Asked Questions And UpDates 
Questions asked of Collectible Treasures Antique and  

Question:  Where is Collectible Treasures Antique and
Collectibles location?

Answer:     Collectible Treasures Antique and Collectibles
is located in our home in the  beautiful State of Tennessee,
in a small town called Oliver Springs.  Located within  a 25
minute Drive from Knoxville, TN.   

UPDATE: 2010...It has been 7 years since my husband
passed away.  I am no longer in what use to be our home,
in Oliver Springs.  I now live in a small town about 20
miles from Oliver Springs.  

Question:  How do I know that my order, should I place one
from your website will be safe and delivered to me after I pay  
for my purchase?

Answer:     You may  rest assured that Collectible Treasures
Antique and Collectibles  is a safe and reliable source to
order from.     If paying  for an item thru PayPal's Secure
Online Payment Service, using your Credit Card, rest
assured also, that any information you use at the  time of  
placing your order, other than your true name, physical
address where you wish to have your item delivered,  
including Post Office Box, or Street Number and Name,
State and Zip Code is only sent to us with the email
verifying a payment made to our account.  We do not
receive from PayPal any information relating to your
credit card.  We request that  you give us your email
address in case we need to contact you for any reason
concerning your order.   Email is our main avenue of
contacting you.  Your email address is not given out  to
any  other person nor is your name and address.  

Paying by Credit Card Must  Be Made at PayPal's
Secure Online Service
For PayPal Payment Instructions   Click Here

We have had many customer's ordering from our
"ITEMS WE HAVE SOLD" category of our online
catalog, and these items are no longer available for
sale, the listing is left in our catalog as "SOLD" for
reference and researching purposes ONLY.  

Update:  We took our Items We Have Sold OUT of the
ONLINE Catalog to avoid having orders come in for
these items we no longer have available.  We have the
items listed with the photographs within our website
pages for research purposes, should you care to view
them.  The links  will be  listed in our Site Map Page.

We do our best to satisfy our customers, and to give
the best customer service possible.  We ship as quickly
as we can upon receipt of payment of an order.  
You will always receive your order from us, and should
you order an item which is no longer available, your
payment is returned to you, immediately upon our
receipt of it.  We are not out to mislead or take from
anyone.  We are honest, and extremely sincere in
dealing with our visitors and customers.  We want to
find a loving home for the treasures we have to
offer for sale in our online catalog.   

Question:  Why do you not offer a refund or exchange?

Answer:     We have gone to great lengths and taken
massive amount of time to include a picture or every
item we  have for sale at Collectible Treasures Antique
and Collectibles online catalog.   

We no longer offer coins within our online catalog, but
have left the coins that are no longer available within
the catalog for reference to those that might have an
interest in researching coins.
We give detailed even lengthy descriptions of each item,
and  our email address is readily available for any
questions you may have concerning any item before
purchasing.   All our items  at Collectible Treasures
Antique and Collectibles are used, some are one of  
a kind items, some even rare, and we do not have
multiple items to do an exchange.   We ONLY Refund for
items that are not as  described,  which we are contacted
immediately upon receipt of the item that it is not wanted,
and returned to us Postage Paid,  and Insured within 3
business days of its arrival to you.   Refund of
any item is subject  to our inspection upon its return to
us, and must be in the same like condition as it was when
we first mailed it out to you, and in its original shipping

Upon approval of the returned item, refund minus the
shipping and insurance fees will be sent to you by  
U.S. Postal Mail, minus a Refund Fee to cover additional
expenses to us, especially if payment was thru PayPal,
as PayPal charges us a fee to receive payments, therefore
we have a refund fee of $3.00 to cover the extra handling
and expense of refunding any items purchase price.  

If Payment was made thru PayPal we refund thru a PayPal
payment sent to your email address as specified.

We prefer to be paid thru PayPal.  PayPal being the fastest
of  the payment methods in getting your item ordered
shipped out to you.  

It makes the Transaction go smoother and faster for both
of  us,  and is the only payment method we use at this

We do not refund shipping fees, nor insurance fees, and
all items must be insured upon being sent back to us.  

**OR If Paying By PAYPAL***

Also please know that the many, many, things to
attend to in maintaining a website, which has now
grown to close to 300 pages, plus an online
catalog which is separate, yet incorparated into
the website, links has grown to as to date 24 pages,
plus the changes of new additions, internet provider,
email address updates, processing our sweepstakes,
and continuing our monthly book reviews, all take a
tremendous amount of detailing and time, thus there
will be new things showing on our site, as we
continue to grow, continue to update our site,
and continue to add monthly book reviews,
informational pages, etc.  

You may find we might have missed a link here or
there,  and a boo boo! OH, MY! may show up as
we get into indepth changes of our designing.  
So if  you run across a page not found, or a link
that goes no where,  or any problem, just email me,
our contact info is on every page, so it will not be
hard to email me.  We love doing the work oursite
has entailed for us, and love what our site is about,
and we hope it shows!

Question:  Why if you are a online business do you
have your pet on your site?

Answer:     We wanted to place our pet on our site.  
We thought it would add a little fun for our web
viewers, and  most definately for us!   We enjoy
our pets and love to share stories and photo's of
them with others.   Instead of trying to place
games, or surveys  or such,  to add to our site,
we thought our pets'  pages would add a little
fun and amusement for our visitors.

Question:  I viewed your guestbook and it seems
you have no comments to speak of, or  guests
that have viewed  your site.   Are you new to the web?  

Answer:    Our guestbook is new, and few have
taken the time to sign it as yet.  Our website at
Collectible Treasures  Antique and Collectibles
is fairly new.  We just obtained our own domain
in Dec. of 2001.  

It takes time, as any  webmaster knows, to get a
website online, with any  amount of information,
graphics,  and content to it.  As  we have
intergrated  our website with our online catalog,
we have had double the work in getting up  and

Note: We no longer offer layaway as an option
to purchase an item thru our online catalog..

Question:  I seen some items I liked and wanted to
put in your lay a way.  I don't like the fact that you
will not refund  the money that is put down on a
item if the lay a way is not completed.   So I didn't
place an order from  you.  Why don't you refund
the money if the item is not paid out of lay a way?

Answer:    This is our lay a way policy.  Many other
sites that I have viewed with a lay away option
available is quite  similar.  If an order is placed in
lay a way, that item is placed on hold till payment
of lay a way is complete. If it is held for months,
and a purchase is not completed, then that is
months that our item is held that  could have
possibly been sold to someone other than
the person who put it in lay a way.   If one
places an order thru the lay a way option, it is
considered like an auction agreement, or sales
contract and is expected  to be carried out to
completion of the terms.   Again this is our policy,
and one we feel  is most fair,  in our making  available
an option where a item can be purchased that is
desired  for someone that cannot make the full  price
of the item all at one time.   We do this as a service for
our customers and as such expect  the same
consideration from our customers to complete their
lay a way agreement with us.  

We spell out  the terms plainly,  therefore there is no
misconception on our part, and with the agreement
none on our customers part. We both know this before
the order is placed on a lay a way agreement plan.  
All questions concerning an item you wish to place in
lay a way with us can be answered by email before  
ordering the item to be placed in lay a way.   Any
additional photographs that you may wish to see can
be either emailed to you or placed for your viewing on
our website.   Measurements are given of the item in  
the description of it in our  online catalog as well as
very detailed descriptions to the best of  our
knowledge and ability to describe the item.  Some
items that are hard to date, with no identifying
markings, are  hard to describe fully, but here
is where the pictures of the items can be very helpful.    
You see what you are considering purchasing from us.

Question:  How long will it be after I place an order before
I receive my item?


We Ship With The Lowest Method of Cost For Shipping.  
We let our Postal Master Advise Us to the Best Shipping
Method.  We No Longer Ship by  1st Priority Mail due to
the high cost of the shipping fee's.   Should you desire
Overnight Shipment or 1st Priority Please Email for
shipping fee's on your desired shipping method.  
The fee then must be included in your items price.  
Also insurance of any item is now at an additional cost.  
We only insure if you request it,  and the cost will need
to be also added into the items prices along with the
shipping fees.

Express shipment can be arranged at  your expense, if
requested at time of placing your order.   

ACCOUNT, of course if over the week-end or a Holiday,
then the next business day available.***

Note as you browse the description of the item,  this is
WHERE any shipping fee's are noted for that item, if
required.   ONLY Limited items have the Free Shipping
Included.  Please read the items description completely.  
This is where the item's shipping fee will be included,
at the very bottom of the description of the item.....At
the present time we are offering FREE U.S. Shipping,
and we send item ordered thru U.S. Postal Service,
regular mail.  We do not insure, that would be added
ONLY if YOU Requested it and added the cost of
insurance to the items price when making your
payment.  Items are sold "as is", and no Refund nor
Exchange is offered on any item.

**PayPal is the fastest method of payment as well as
delivery of item to you.**

Question:  Concerning the Carleton Sheets Real
Estate Course You Have in your Catalog's Inventory:
Are you  associated with Carleton Sheet's and if not
Why do you  have the course?

Answer:    No we are not associated with the Business
of The Carleton  Sheets Company.  We have the course
in our inventory, for sale,  which was a private purchase
by us, three years ago from the  Carleton Sheets TV
Program...We bought the set as individual course titles
and have over $600  invested in the total  purchase.   
We do not need the course any longer, and chose to
list it in inventory for sale, with a  trememdous
savings compared to the  purchase of it new, to our
customers that might be interested in  real estate
purchasing information.  That is why we got the
course,  it is informative in that area, is still as good
as new, and could be of  great use to someone else
for learning the No Money Down Real Estate Purchase
that Carleton Sheets teaches.....
It's a great set,  and a greater savings....

Question:  Can you help me sell my ... or would you
be interested in purchasing my ...or would you sell
my  .....for me ?

This service is NO LONGER OFFERED**  Due to the
time consuming tasks, and extra responsibility in
offering the consignment option, we being a one
person, wearing the hat of many various department
managements, plus taking care of customer inquiries,
and sales, we just simply don't have the time to
point in the direction of consignment items. ***

As to our interest in purchasing your items.....We are
always interested in collectibles and antiques, out of
our interest and love of old things is what  brought
about  the creation of our site...

**We will post on our website in this page of FAQ,
any desire to buy items.  **Bookmark our site and
return time to time to see if we are seeking items
to purchase for our online catalog's inventory.**

We are glad to receive email inquiries concerning
our inventory, any questions about  our site, or
related to our site and we very much so like
receiving orders for items which are placed in
our catalog.  

We are honest and sincere people, who have real
products that we  want to offer for sale in our online
catalog, and we desire that everyone  who comes to
our website enjoys the visit, possibly finds something  
of interest, and places an order  from us.  That's what
our site is about!    Please be considerate of others,
no matter what website you browse  upon, realize the
time and the work it took for that site to get to the
place of going online, and if you like what they have,
and truely want  what they offer, then by all means
that's what  they are there for is to  acquire customers,
friends, and some....a living.  Order if you please,  or
browse on to the next site of your choosing to shop
around.  Be as  considerate and honest, as you would
in an actual store.

Everyone always hears of the problems that consumers
have with  different products or websites, or company's,..
and sometimes we  hear from the other end of the story,
the business itself....we work  hard to provide customers
a nice and safe internet shopping experience,  a fast
response to all their inquiries and speedy as can be
after receipt  of payment OF their ordered item, and a clear understanding of what we  offer and it's  only fair to expect
that the responses we receive are likewise  honest, sincere
and correct....

The internet is awesome, fun, informative, and available
to thousands  of people both consumers and business....
I personally love shopping online, and do most all  my  
shopping with company's I have dealt with  for years
through the mail, now online.   I personally use my credit
card  online, with no fear of doing so, and have ordered
products from  several websites that I have never dealt
with before, with no problems,  except ONE, and that was
an internet service provider....When I go  shopping and I
send  an order for items, its for real, I expect to receive  
those items in a few days time,  and I always have.....

Collectible Treasures is not set up to receive credit card
purchases personally,  the only way that we can do this
for you is thru our PayPal purchase button.  

***UDDATE*** We have recently added the option to pay  
for items ordered thru PayPal's Secure Online
Payment Service. We are PayPal Verified.

We Accept PayPal
  NOTE: Paying By Credit Card
  For PayPal Payment Instructions Click Here

Sometimes an item listed in our online catalog will have
been SOLD and will not be available, due to our one of a
kind products.  We try to keep our online catalog current  
and up to date, but as fast as the internet is, we sometimes
do not get our catalog up to date before we receive another
order for a item which has previously sold.  In this
situation, we have the right to notify any one who places a
order from our online catalog, which is not available, an
email informing them of such.  Payment made
thru PayPal will be immediately refunded.

 June 1, 2002 Update for Collectible Treasures Antique and Collectibles Email

News Update: August 13, 2002.  We are asking all our  
customers  and visitors who wish  to send us a picture
attachment in email,  to contact us first, before doing so.  
This will ensure your photo is is viewed by us!  

Note: We do not give appraisals, nor are we appraisers,  
so we do not give a price range for any inquiry as to a
collectible you have.   We will respond and do our best
to point you in a  direction for information  on your
collectible, if we can possibly do so, but again, we are  
not  appraisers and do not give  value ranges for items
you have  that you are seeking information on.  We have
our mail delete any incoming mail attachments
immediately, so please do not send attachments with
your inquiries, as they won't be received unless we give
specific permission to our mail client for the receiving
of the attachment.

I have been asked by numerous visitors to the site, to
give a value for their collectibles.  I have this answer
sprinkled all over our site.  I am not an Appraiser,  and
I cannot give value estimates for your collectibles and
antiques.  I have placed on our homepages, especially
the related links  page,   a


a website which gives estimates, on antiques and
collectibles, and as I have investigated the site, is really
very reasonably priced.  So Please my treasured visitors,
and customers, check this website out if you are seeking
a value, or appraisal of your  collectible item.  I cannot
help you in this area.  

Even at best, with extensive searches, and price
comparison of a similar item you might have and be
seeking info in order to sell your item, or just to know
what value range it might be in,  it would be good to
keep in mind, that a collectible and or antique is really
valued at your asking price, and  the willingness of a
collector or buyer, to give that price to you.  Guide
prices are just that, GUIDES Prices!   

I have had some email me and want to know why I ask
a certain price for a certain item  in inventory.   I have
here again, all over my webpages, and in our online
catalog, that  we are open to OFFERS, and will  consider
any serious offer our customers, or visitors might send
us.  We place our items, and value them according  to
extensive online research of other sites, before placing
them in our catalog.

We  KNOW that some other websites may be cheaper in
their asking prices than we are, a great Many ARE HIGHER.  
So if you don't like a price we have placed on our items in
inventory,  you are free to send an OFFER for any item you
are seriously interested in buying.  
We will give it consideration.

That pretty much covers the general answers to our new
past emails.  Should you have any questions, just email
we will get back with you.

We attempt to answer each email that we receive, related
to our inventory, website,  or us, each, individually, not
auto-response, so please be patient if we do not get back  
with you within a 24 hour period.  Sometimes our emails
are quite extensive, sometimes just a small flow, but be
assured we do answer all emails we receive, with
questions, or comments, it just may take us a little time
in doing so.  Note: Alot of spam protection measures
block email from your inbox, so if you want to receive a
reply from us, please add us to your address list.  
See our Contact Info  page for the email address.

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We Accept PayPal                 
NOTE: Paying By Credit Card MUST BE MADE THRU
For PayPal Payment Instructions Click Here

NEW EXCLUSIVE LINE of our Jack Russell Terrier
Products can now be ordered at:

We hope you enjoy our site and welcome your feedback.

AntiSpam note: To avoid spam, email addresses are
written within enclosures.  We have removed "mail to"
links from our pages.  See our Contact Info  page for
email address.

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Diamond Eye Our Jack Russell Terrier
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Diamond Duke and Little Diamond our Jack Russell Terriers.  They are little buddies.!
Shortcake our Jack Russell Terrier, she's the little sweety.

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