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Welcome To Collectible Treasures Antique and Collectibles.  We offer an online catalog with unique collectibles from the past.  Recently added Japanese and Asian art, collectible vintage artwork by various artist, and our online catalog is being revamped with newly added vintage and used items.  Our items consist mostly of unique often one of a kind treasures from the past.  We also have our personal website with some interesting things we have done in the past 10 years online, and have left our items sold pages for researching your treasures possible value.                 Art by Linda Parker

Items We Have Sold Page Two  

Listed below are the item's that we have Sold from our online
catalog's inventory.  This list is for  reference purposes only, to
help in researching values for items which you may have like or
similar to items we have sold.   

We took these items out of our online catalog's inventory, because
of confusion of items available for ordering.  We were getting orders
for items in this category that we no longer had available, even
though we made note of the items in the category as already being "Sold" and not available for ordering.  To be of  help in valuing items
of similar pieces that we had sold, we place these items within our
main webpages and and not within the catalog.  To help with
downloading time, since we are including the photographs that were
in the majority of the online catalog with the item's description we
have placed only 10 items to a page.  However we are only
including Photographs that were within the catalog of the item, and
omitting the description.  There will be additional pages of  "Items
We Have Sold", as we continue to pull our items Sold from our
online catalog..    

11.  WindChime-Avon-B#1
        **SOLD For  $ 34.00

12.  Exposing Satan's Kingdom by Robert Tilton,
        Copyright 1990
       **SOLD For $ 8.00

13.   Great Taste Low Fat Cook Book, By Time Life,
         Copyright 1995  
        **SOLD For $ 6.00

14.    Heirs Together, Solving The Mystery of A Satisfying Marriage  
          by Mac Hammond,   Copyright 1993 Kenneth Copeland
         **Sold For $ 7.00

15.    Hidden Keys To Successful Parenting, By Gary Smalley..
         **Sold For $ 35.00

16.    John G. Lake, His Life, His Sermons, His Boldness of Faith
          Copyright 1994, by Kenneth Copeland Publications..
          **Sold For $ 17.00

17.    Let God Solve Your Problems,  A Complete Home Study Course
          in Ontology, In  Three Parts.  By Carl O. Johnson..
          **Sold For $ 25.00

18.    Look Better, Feel Better, Copyright 1954 by
          Bess M. Mensendieck, MD
         **Sold For $ 69.00

19.    Low-Fat Pasta Cook Book by  The Editors of Sunset,
          Copyright 1994
          **Sold For $ 9.00

20.    Man In  Chair  
         **SOLD For $ 10.00

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