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Welcome To Collectible Treasures Antique and Collectibles.  We offer an online catalog with unique collectibles from the past.  Recently added Japanese and Asian art, collectible vintage artwork by various artist, and our online catalog is being revamped with newly added vintage and used items.  Our items consist mostly of unique often one of a kind treasures from the past.  We also have our personal website with some interesting things we have done in the past 10 years online, and have left our items sold pages for researching your treasures possible value.                  Art by Linda Parker

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July's Book Review
 July 1, 2002
This Month's Book Review
Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers


The prince of darkness is a gentleman.

New England, 1835

Alex Stafford was just like Mama said.  He was tall and dark, and Sarah
had never seen anyone so beautiful.  Even dressed in dusty riding clothes,
his hair damp with perspiration, he was like the princes in the stories
Mama read.  Sarah's heart beat with wild joy and pride.   None of the other fathers she saw at Mass compared to him.

He looked at her with his dark eyes, and her heart sang.  She was wearing
her best blue frock and white pinafore, and Mama had braided her hair with
pink and blue ribbons.  Did Papa like the way she looked?  Mama said
blue was his favorite color, but why didn't he smile?  Was she fidgetting?  Mama said to stand straight and still and act like a lady.  She said he
would like that.  But he didn't look pleased at all.

"Isn't she beautiful, Alex?"  Mama said.  Her voice sounded strange.tight,
like she was choking. "Isn't she the most beautiful little girl you've ever

Sarah watched Papa's dark eyes frown.  He didn't look happy.  He looked angry.  Like Mama looked sometimes when Sarah talked too much or
asked too many questions.

"Just a few minutes," Mama said quickly.  Too quickly.  Was she afraid?  
But why?  "That's all I'm asking, Alex.  Please.  It would mean so much to

Alex Stafford stared down at Sarah.  His mouth was pressed tight, and he
studied her silently.  Sarah stood as still as she could.  She'd stared at
herself in the mirror so long this morning, she knew what he would see.  
She had her father's chin and nose, and her mother's blonde hair and fair
skin.  Her eyes were like her mother's, too, although they were even more
blue.  Sarah wanted Papa to think she was pretty, and she gazed up at
him hopefully.  But the look in his eyes was not a nice one.

"Did you pick blue on purpose, Mae?"  Papa's words startled Sarah.  
They were cold and angry.  "Because it brings out the color of her eyes?"

Sarah couldn't help it, she glanced at her mother---and her heart fell.  
Mama's face was filled with hurt.

Alex glanced toward the foyer.  "Cleo!"

"She's not here," Mama said quietly, keeping her head high.  
"I gave her the day off."

Papa's eyes seemed to get even darker.  "Did you?
Well, that leaves you in a fix, doesn't it, darling?"

Mama stiffened, then bit her lip and glanced down at Sarah.  What was
wrong?  Sarah wondered sadly.  Wasn't  Papa happy to see her?  She
had been so excited that she was actually going to be with him at last,
even for a little while.....

"What would you have me do?"  Mama's words were directed at Papa,
so Sarah stayed silent, still hoping.

"Send her away.  She knows how to find Cleo, I would imagine."

Pink spots appeared on Mama's cheeks.  "Meaning what, Alex?  
That I entertain others in your absence?"

Sarah's smile fell in confusion.  They spoke so coldly to one another.  
Neither looked at her.  Had they forgotten she was there?  What was
wrong?  Mama was distraught.  Why was Papa so angry about Cleo not
being home?

Chewing her lip, Sarah looked between them.  Stepping closer, she
tugged on her father's coat.  "Papa..."

"Don't call me that."

She blinked, frightened and confused by his manner.  He was her papa.  
Mama said so.  He even brought her presents every time he came.  
Mama gave them to her.  Maybe he was angry that she had never
thanked him.  "I want to thank you for the presents you---"

"Hush, Sarah," her mother said quickly.  "Not now, darling."

Papa flashed Mama a thunderous look.  "Let her speak.  
It's what you wanted, isn't it?
Why are you shushing her now, Mae?"

Mama stepped closer and put her hand on Sarah's shoulder.  
Sarah could feel Mama's fingers trembling, but Papa bent toward her
now, smiling.  "What presents?" he said.

He was so handsome, just like Mama said.  She was proud to have a
father like him.

"Tell me, little one."

"I always like the candies you bring me,"  Sarah said, feeling warm and
proud beneath his attention.  "They are very nice.  But best of everything,
I love the crystal swan."

She smiled again, glowing with joy that Papa listened to her so carefully.  
He even smiled,  though Sarah wasn't sure she liked his smile.  It was
small and tight.

"Indeed," he said and straightened.  He looked at Mama.  "I'm so pleased
to know how much my gifts mean."

Sarah looked up at her father, thrilled at his approval.  "I put it on my
windowsill.   The sun shines through it and makes colors dance on the
wall.  Would you like to come and see?"  She took his hand.  When he
jerked away, she blinked, hurt, not understanding.

Mama bit her lip and reached out a hand toward Papa, then stopped
suddenly.  She looked afraid again.  Sarah looked from one parent to the
other, struggling to understand.   What had she done wrong?  Wasn't
Papa pleased that she liked his presents?

"So you pass on my gifts to the child," Papa said.  
"It's good to know what they mean to you."

Sarah bit her lip at the coldness in Papa's voice, but before she could
speak, Mama touched her shoulder gently.  "Darling, be a good girl and
go outside and play now."

Sarah looked up, distressed.  Had she done something wrong?  "Can't
I stay?  I'll be very quiet."   Mama couldn't seem to say more.  Her eyes
were moist and she looked at Papa.

Alex bent down to Sarah.  "I want you to go outside and play," he said
quietly.  "I want to talk to your mother alone."  He smiled and patted
her cheek.

Sarah smiled, utterly enchanted.  Papa had touched her;  he wasn't
angry at all.  He loved her!  Just as Mama said.  "Can I come back when
you're done talking?"

Papa straightened stiffly.  "Your mother will come and get you when
she's ready.  Now, run along as you've been told."

"Yes, Papa." Sarah wanted to stay, but she wanted to please her father
more.  She went out of the parlor, skipping through the kitchen to the
back door.  She picked a few daisies that grew in the garden patch by
the door and then headed for the rose trellis.  She plucked the petals.  
"He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not...."  She
hushed as she came around the corner.  She didn't want to disturb
Mama and Papa.  She just wanted to be close to them.

Sarah dreamed contentedly.  Maybe Papa would put her up on his
shoulders.  She wandered if he would take her for a ride on his big black
horse.  She would have to change her dress, of course.  He wouldn't want
her to soil it.  She wished he had let her sit on his lap while he talked to
Mama.  She would have liked that very much,  and she would have been
no bother.

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