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Welcome To Collectible Treasures Antique and Collectibles.  We offer an online catalog with unique collectibles from the past.  Recently added Japanese and Asian art, collectible vintage artwork by various artist, and our online catalog is being revamped with newly added vintage and used items.  Our items consist mostly of unique often one of a kind treasures from the past.  We also have our personal website with some interesting things we have done in the past 10 years online, and have left our items sold pages for researching your treasures possible value.

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Please do not direct link to an image on my website,
without prior written permission.

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We are currently re-organizing and updating all our links.  
We will add to these link pages during our clean-up process,
which will take a some time.  Thank you visiting, our link
pages, and please bookmark and return, we will have more
links re-organized and our pages of link ready for viewing.

A TidBit:
from Collectible Treasures Antique and Collectibles
relating to links.

During sheduled checking of links we have placed on our
site, we have found a link that was going to an Adult site,
not the original antique site we listed upon their request
many months earlier.  We had no notification of the
antique site converting over to an Adult site.  Therefore
for a space of time, unknowingly we were linking to an
adult site, until our sheduled checking of links and we
found the unfavorable misleading link.  We immediately
deleted the link, and issured a new "linking policy".  

How do we safe guard our links to our related linking
partners?  I have found, that checking our links often,
will help in catching any converted sites and deal
quickly with the offending link.  

Also there are a number of linking partners, whether
knowingly or un-knowingly, have a no follow within
their robots txt that will give no credit what so ever to a
recip link within their linking pages or directories.  
Where we might be sending them a visitor or two, and
they pick up a ranking from our link clicked on to
theirs, as I have read and understand, and if I am
mis-taken and your read this, please let me know,
( for alot of the reading on linking info and such can
get confusing ), but if I understand correctly what I
read then you want a linking partner that does not
bury your link within a large directory, that gets no
attention or gives you a ranking when your link is
clicked from within their directory.  Thus, you are
giving a linking with good google or other search
within your html, and the link thus benefits your
linking partner, but your link buried within a
directory that does not get indexed in the search
engines, doesn't do you much good on acquiring a
credit from the link within their directory when
clicked on to your website.  You may get a few
visitors here and there, but no ranking benefit..

Any comments or suggestions as to whether I am right
or whether I mis-understood the info that I have thus
far read?  Send email to me and I will add your comment
within our link info for others to read and benefit from.  
No email or names will be noted within your comment
listed.  Sending any comment relating to this topic, will
be your permission to list a short comment within our
link info page.

We list our links within pages of our website, individual
pages, not within a directory, or a link directory off  our
site.  Each link before listed is check and upon approval,
listed on one of our related link pages.  We have added
quite a few link pages, with a limit of 5 to 10 links on a
page, but we are re-organizing, after re-checking the
original link, to see if it still goes where it was originally
intended, we will be listing up to 20 links to a page, and
reserving our additionally added links pages, for future
use, or using them for related info, rather than deleting
them from our webpages, as they are already listed in the
search engines.  I am considering using the additionally
added links pages, that we have for link info and
comments from other webmasters, as how they
update their link pages, and any experience they might
of had of linking problems found within their link pages
after originally placing a link approved, that might have
been redirected to some website they would not have
listed on their site at all!  

After-all if we don't personally oversee our link pages,
and update them often, then how are we going to know
if that originally placed innocent link we knew benefit
our site visitors, has changed to an adult site or porn site,
that we might be unknowingly sending our visitors too?  
Yes it is time consuming, tedious, and most undesirable
work with alot of long hours involved, but it must be
done to ensure we are referring our visitors where we
intended to, not to a totally undesirable website, that
they might hit upon from with in one of our links page!  
If your have an extremely large link directory, that you
never deal with, put on automatic, how secure is it in
taking measures to send your visitors to the intended
related site?  I personally rather do my own link pages,
and check them regularly myself.  Then I know where
they are going.!

I personally don't like the ideal, of a website using my
website as a linking possibibility for any adult or porn
site, and I have in checking my links found this to have
occurred.  I also do not like an adult related site, or porn
site, to list my website as a related site within their links.  
I also have found this in hunting down inbound links
to my website that I did not request, or give permission
to list my site within their adult link pages.  I guess
antique and collectibles have a most popular listing in
the search engines.  I am a family friendly site, and do
not visit porn or adult sites, nor do I wish to, and I
certainly do not want my website listed on their related
links pages.  Browse my website, read over my pages,
there is not any thing within them or on them that in any
way relates to adult or porn.  My site is quite large for
me, close to 300 pages, that I personally must update and
add to, so I spend quite a few hours within a month on
those pages, not even considering the online catalog
which had at one time,  over 2400 items within its data
base.  My logs are showing a couple of permentently
moved redirects I am unware of, of which I did not do,
so I am checking all my webpages, although this will
take some time to complete, to see if any of my pages
have been somehow hijacked.  

My website on my first hosting company, after about
six months online, was hijacked to a different url.  
Someone had broke into my hosting domain and
directed the url to a different website.  Fortunately I
noticed it quickly, and remedied the problem, but it
cost me about 4 days of my site's domain name going
to a totally different website.!  Wow you almost got to
be a detective, along with all the other hats one has to
wear in being a webmaster.  

Ok that is why we are re-organizing our related links
and you will see a number of the link pages almost
empty until I complete this process.  Hopefully it will
not take to long.  But I want to ensure all my links are
going exactly where they were originally intended to,
and take care of and ensure that no site is placing our
website link thus, mis-leading visitors  which are
looking for antique and collectibles, or info on such,
end up on an adult or porn related site, that I had no
knowledge of or intention of sending them there.!  
I have found it really pays to check links often.!

Oh, on forethought, I have run across, some websites,
who are referring to an item that I have in inventory, as
a comparison to similar item they have for sell, cheaper
than mine, and the reference is fine, as comparison is
good, but they are linking directly to an image or item
that I would rather they simply place in a text such
as: refer to url: http:etc, not direct link to the image or
item.  Ebay has a couple of reference as such, and
although in a way I am pleased that someone on Ebay
is sending visitors to my site, I don't much appreciate
the direct linking or implications they imply in doing
so.  Anyone else of our linking partners have any
problems such as this?  Email me with your solution
or comments.  How do you keep a clean family safe
linking list within your webpages?  What do you do
when  someone direct links to an image on your
site without prior notice or permission, or reference
your site in the negative form?  What do you do when
you find a link within your link pages, that have
been converted to an adult or porn site, and you have
unknowingly been sending your visitors to their site?  
I think the only way to ensure that doesn't happen or
catch it before it affects your website's reputation, is to
check those links personally, one by one, and check
them often. !


We hope you enjoy our site and welcome your  Feedback

NEW EXCLUSIVE LINE of our Jack Russell Terrier
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Diamond Eye Our
Jack Russell Terrier
Diamond Eye Our Jack Russell Terrier.  We have had Diamond two years now.  He's our baby boy, Misty is our baby girl.  Click Image To
See Diamond

Diamond Duke and Little Diamond our Jack Russell Terriers.  They are little buddies.!
Shortcake our Jack Russell Terrier, she's the little sweety.

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