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Welcome To Collectible Treasures Antique and Collectibles.  We offer an online catalog with unique collectibles from the past.  Recently added Japanese and Asian art, collectible vintage artwork by various artist, and our online catalog is being revamped with newly added vintage and used items.  Our items consist mostly of unique often one of a kind treasures from the past.  We also have our personal website with some interesting things we have done in the past 10 years online, and have left our items sold pages for researching your treasures possible value.                   Art by Linda Parker

Online Catalog

Collectible Treasures  Mail Room
Collectible Treasures  Appreciate's All Comments
From Our  Customer's.   
It is a pleasure to receive email comments on the
satisfaction of our customer's order once received
by them, and comments that they wish to make to
us about our service as well.   Here is a few
comments that our customers have sent to us..!

Linda I recieved my coin today.   It is
a very interesting coin and I thank you for your

We received the coin so thank you!

I love the web site . I have had a ball looking and
seeing what all you have..

Linda,  A friend who is very in tune with nice jewelry
located and purchased for me a pair of black pearl
earrings from your site.   I was delighted to find out
that they were vintage-I had not even hoped for that!   
I have recieved them and my free gift.
Thank you for your prompt service...

Greetings, The package arrived today and everything
looks great..!

Got the book,  great condition,  I'm sure it will be an
entertaining read.  Thank you for the gift.

Got it!  Thanks.

Received  my order today.   Thank you for being so

Thank-you so much for going to all that trouble.  
What a refreshing change, most of the responses
I've received have been limited to "no idea, never
heard of it..."

Dear Linda
Received the book yesterday.... so fast... was
pleasantly surprised.... book in great condition....
it will be fun to read even though  I bought it
"just to have it"....


Dear Linda,
Yes I received the Cup intact today and everything's OK.
It is identical to my old one, and it is acceptable to me.
So, Thanks ! - I'll keep it and use it everyday !
Thanks for your free gift also. That was very nice of you.

Thanks Linda.
I appreciate you taking the time to field the question
and I'll follow your suggestions...

Dear Linda:
My son received our order today, and is very happy to
have this one.  When the movie first came out,  we had
canvassed our area McDonald's trying to find one to
no avail. So he is quite pleased to have this added to
his toystore-sized collection. He also seems to
be having fun with the free gift as well.  Thanks for
your prompt service.

I received my order of Rhode Island coins today--
thanks for the speedy shipping!

Thanks so much, Linda, as the coins were received
over the weekend!  I really appreciate your effort in
making sure they arrived on time, and thanks so
much for the free gift as well!  You are extremely
professional and kind, and have made this very
easy for us. I hope your holidays are filled with
love, joy, and blessings.

Got the lighter today. With a little tinkering, she's
working like a champ! I was pleased to see the
instructions and box are in fine condition. If you
ever get any varaflames that use a battery
(electronic), let me know. Thanks very much.

What a pleasure to be of service to our customer's  
who have found their special "Treasure" here at
Collectible Treasures Antique and Collectibles.  
And to have them pleased with their purchases,
and our prompt response to them.   We appreciate
each one who have kindly taken the time to inform
us by email of their order's arrival and to include
their comment as well.  The personal stories that
some of our customer's are so kind to share with
us, has been very heart warming indeed! and to
have been able to offer them something special
and meaningful that they were searching for to
collect, makes us feel special as well.  

Even though we have placed notices on our site,
that we cannot give price values for items,  we get
lots of email from our visitors asking for advice,
or how to find a value for an item that they have,
or for an item that they are searching for.  

Sometimes we get comments relating to our prices,
and questions of how we come to prices that we
have in our online catalog.  We try to answer every
email inquiry  if possible,  but we don't respond to
the inquriy of price values for a coin, or other
collectible or antique that a visitor may be searching
for a price range on.   We may however, respond to
such an inquiry with suggestions as to how to find
info, or price's that would possibly be similar to
what they are trying to reach a range of price on
an item.    A few responses are noted below:

Hello, I have a 1918 Wheat Penny and was wondering
if you could tell me where I could trade it in for the
dollar value it's worth....

Good morning I have found a canada 1 cent piece and
was wondering the meaning behind it and if it is worth
anything. it has Elizabeth ll D.gregina on one side.
On the other side it has a 1 cent Canadian 1867-1967
and in the middle is a flying bird. If you can send me
any information It would be very much appreciated.  
Thank you.

Hello, I'm interested in the value of a 1906v nickel,
please reply..

Can you possible assist me in researching  2 old  
whiskey bottles.

dear linda;  lenox figurine of a naked women standing
with a dog by her side

Hi , I am looking for a price on a half penny 1895 with
Victoria Dei Gra Britt Regina Fid Def Ind Imp....

I came across your site on the Internet while researching
how much a 1938 Lincoln wheat penny is worth....

Have a stuffed santa,  Came holding a little coke bottle.
What is something like this worth?

I have a 1951 Lincoln wheat penny but it doesn't have a
"D" or "S"  under the date. What is the difference? And
what meaning does that give the penny ?

Thank you for your time, and thanks for the interesting
website, too!

have come across a 1951 Wheat penny and would like
to know how much I can get for it.

Hello, I have been looking for a Gund bunny.   Can
you help me find this item? Thank You!

found a 1953 penny with the word "one cent" written
on the back.  How much is this penny worth?

have a "silver" 1958-D penny. Is it rare or valuable?

came across this 1959  penny.  its an unusual color,  
do you know anything about this penny, please let
me me know. thank you for your time.

have an old ashtray, i can't  find out what it is worth.  
if you can tell me how much it is worth or how to find
out please email back asap


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