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Welcome To Collectible Treasures Antique and Collectibles.  We offer an online catalog with unique collectibles from the past.  Recently added Japanese and Asian art, collectible vintage artwork by various artist, and our online catalog is being revamped with newly added vintage and used items.  Our items consist mostly of unique often one of a kind treasures from the past.  We also have our personal website with some interesting things we have done in the past 10 years online, and have left our items sold pages for researching your treasures possible value.                  Art by Linda Parker

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May 2003 Book Review
 Collectible Treasures Antique and Collectibles
Book Review May  2003

The Magic of Psychotronic Power  by Robert B. Stone
Copyright 1978


When you work with your Psychotronic power and see your life
improves you become faintly aware of  cosmic forces at work
outside of you in harmony with the power within you.  To these
forces, whoever,  wherever, or whatever they are, I dedicate this

What This Book Can Do For You --And How IT Works

Sai Baba is a holy man in India who can create material things
out of thin air.  "Are you God?" asked  a young man.

"Yes.  So are you," replied Sai Baba.  "The only difference is:  
I know it."

Recently the great semanticist S. I. Hayakawa told about how
he stopped smoking.  He became aware  that he was not
enjoying the cigarettes.  So he paid more and more attention to
this fact.  He began to realize he was really a nonsmoker.  As this realization grew, the more miserable it became for him to light up.  
One day when he asked himself if he wanted a cigarette, he
surprised himself by saying "no."  He has been off cigarettes
ever since.

The fire was started in the morning.  The stones turned red hot by
evening.  Thousands gathered to see the Fiji fire-walkers perform.  
The Fiji men chanted.  They danced out on the hot stones in their
bare feet.  No burns.

What is the connection between a man who produces gems out of
thin air, a man who stops smoking effortlessly, and men who walk
on hot stones without injury?

All three men are tapping psychotronic energy.

They may never have heard of it, but that does not matter.  Turn a
switch and the lights go on whether you heard of electricity or not.

Tapping this psychotronic energy is just as easy as turning a light
switch.  Most people have not heard about it.  Although it has been
around as long as man, and longer, scientists have only discovered
it in the past five years and that is about as long as the name
"psychotronics" has been in use.

Now this energy is under control.  As you begin to use it, you get
more and more incredible results.  It is  conceivable that you, too,
could be using it to produce gems out of thin air, control your body,
and walk  on fire.  But chances are you will want to start off with
easier accomplishments, like:

*Kindle love for you in a formerly cold heart *
Double your income now and year after year
*Win at lotteries and gaming tables
*Correct disorders or diseases in your body and for others
*Become popular and "in demand"
*Solve problems in business with genius-like success
*Materialize a new car, new home, new job
*Turn personal weaknesses into herculean strengths
*Enjoy miraculous protection from harm
*Renew the cells of your body for longer life.

Psychotronic power has been eluding skeptics, so they continue
to scoff.  Meanwhile, it gets turned on for those who accept it  
Miracles will happen for them until the skeptic arrives and says,
"No."  Then the miracles stop.  Psychotronic power of the skeptic
works, too.  The way he wants it to work.

Belief is the "switch" to psychotronic power.  Scientists learned
this the hard way.  For instance, they observed a person
demonstrating how the energy of  psychotronics could move an
object across a table.   But when they called in their skeptical
colleagues, the demonstration failed.  Psychotronic scientists
now realize that their own consciousness affects their

These experiments now prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that
once man turns on the psychotronic switch, he is connected to
a vast Cosmic Psychotronic Generator that makes his every
thought act just like it was a fact.

This book helps you to hook up to this Cosmic Psychotronic
Generator.  It then gives you systems for mentally creating
benefits that become an accomplished fact in your life,
sometimes before you are even finished reading the page.  
It literally puts immense power into your fingers and hands.

You learn how by pointing your fingers, or working certain
patterns with your hands -- "miracles" take place.  These hand
motions are triggering devices for the psychotronic energy of consciousness.

Your eyes are powerful emitters of this miraculous energy, too.  
You learn how by combining finger and eye technique.  Nothing
is impossible.

While psychologists study mental telepathy, while chemists
check how the molecular structure of water is changed by a
faith healer's hands, while doctors study mind affecting body
through biofeedback, while physicists study levitation,
materialization and dematerialization in the laboratory, you are
able to use this energy today in your life.

You adjust your belief's about what is possible or not possible.

You "hook in" to the Cosmic Psychotronic Generator.

You look.

You point your finger.

You exert god-like control over your life and your world.

                              Robert  B. Stone

Contents of this Book Include:

What This Book Can Do for You -- And How It Works

1. The Key to Turning on Your Psychotronic Power

2. Use Your Psychotronic Power to Make Your Wishes Come

3. Hook Up with the Cosmic Psychotronic Generator for  
    Unlimited Power  Over Others

4. Better Health at the Snap of Your Fingers with Psychotronic

5. How to Use Your Eyes to Focus Your Psychotronic Energy
    on Bullies, Tyrants, Pesky Neighbors and Other Obnoxious
    People You Want to Control.

6. Psychotronic Power for Improved Health and Well Being of

7. Tapping a Universe of Psychotronic Energy to Make People
     Work  for You

8. Mind Over Money -- Turning Psychotronic Power Into Money

9. Psychotronic Power to Overcome Superhuman Obstacles

10.  How Your Hands Crackle with Creative Energy to Make Other
        People's Wishes Come True.

11. How Your Eyes Can Command Irresistible Power to Make One
      Person or  Many Do Your Bidding.

12. How to Use Psychotronic Power to Predict the Future -- Yours
      or  Anyone's.

13. How to Keep Psychotronic Energy Working for a Flow of Riches
       the Rest of  Your Life.

There Are 218 Pages in this book.  Book Has Jacket Cover with
 Printing which Reads:

Now Unlock the secret door to power, love, health, fame and
fortune with...The Magic Of Psychotronic Power by Robert B.
Stone...Everything you ever wanted from life can be yours, says Psychotronic expert Robert B. Stone, once you know how to
summon the limitless power that lies within your mind!

Back of Jacket Cover Reads:

The Magic of Psychotronic Power by Robert B. Stone

In a matter of minutes -- proclaims author Robert B. Stone --
you can begin to tap the miraculous cosmic force of Psychotronic
Power that lies within us all, and turn your life into a gold mine
of riches, love, happiness and radiant health!  Step-by-Step, in
these thrilling pages, the author reveals the amazing techniques
that scores of ordinary people have used to achieve lifelong bliss.

Also Has A Partial Outline of Contents.

About the Author:  Robert B. Stone, Ph.D. is a leading
Psychotronic expert who has used his Psychotronic Power to
show countless unhappy people the road to never-ending joy.  
An author, lecturer, metaphysicist and researcher in
Psychotronics, Dr. Stone has the distinction of holding a Ph.D.
in Psychotronics -- the first such degree to be granted by an
authorized university.  He is a member of the International
Association for Psychotronic Research and is an instructor in
ESP, self-hypnosis and meditation at the University of Hawaii.  
Dr. Stone is the author and co-author of over fifty books on the
power of the mind.

We hope you enjoyed a peek into this months interesting book
review of  The Magic of Psychotronic Power  by  Robert B. Stone.   

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