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Collectible Treasures Sept. Book Review
 Sept. 1, 2002
Look Better Feel Better by Bess M. Mensendieck, M.D.
Copyright, 1954

To Annemarie Meusser, my alter ego, in her idealistic conception
and interpretation of my work

I wish to express my sincere thanks to Amy Meusser for her unfailing
co-operation.  To Dr. L. Larry Leonard in appreciation of his practical
assistance in the preparation of this book.  Without his untiring efforts
this volume would still be unpublished.  To Mogens Hoff for his fine
illustrations and for his patient efforts to present my conception of
functional body movements.  To Harper & Brothers for their readiness
to see the scope of my work and their co-operation in bringing the
Mensendieck System of Body Education to the reading public.

Part 1: The Key to Shaping Your Body
         1.  Become The Sculptor of Your Body
              In Search of a Method: Examine Your Movements:
              Functional Movement;  For Women; For Men; For Children;
               For Older People; For Convalescents; The Future of Your Body.
         2.  The Shape of Your Body
              Take Inventory of Your Body; The Feet and Legs; The Middle
               Area; Shoulders and Upper Back; Neckline and Arms; Seven
               Basic Points About Muscles and Your Figure; The Seven Basic
               Points Applied.
         3.  Guarding The Body At Work, At Play and At Rest
              How to Sit in Balance; Nine Steps in Assuming the Balanced
              Sitting Position; How to Stand in Balance; Eight Steps in
              Assuming the Balanced Standing Position; Furniture to
              Guard Your Body's Health and Looks; Nervous Tension
              and Fatique, Rest and Relaxation; Diet and Muscle
              Development; Athletics and Exercise.

Part 2: The Movement Schemes
              A Note On How To Use The Movement Schemes
        4.  Comfort For The Feet
             Movement Scheme 1: Toe-Raising
             Movement Scheme 2: Heel-Raising
        5.  Reduce The Buttock Area
             Movement Scheme 3: Buttock Control
             Movement Scheme 4: Buttock and Thigh Muscle Control
       6.   Flatten The Abdomen
             Movement Scheme 5: Abdominal Control, Seated
             Movement Scheme 6: Abdominal Control, Standing
       7.   Strengthen The Back
             Movement Scheme 7: The Back Stretch
             Movement Scheme 8: The Back Stretch, Completed
       8.   Square The Shoulders
             Movement Scheme 9: Arm-Raising, Forward to Shoulder
             Height, Seated.
             Movement Scheme 10: Arm-Raising, Forward to the Vertical
             Movement Scheme 11: The Rhomboideus Movement
             Movement Scheme 12: Arm-Raising, Backward
       9.   Increase Your Breathing Capacity
             Movement Scheme 13: Breathing and Chest Expansion, Seated
             Movement Scheme 14: Breathing and Movement
     10.  Slenderize The Waistline
             Movement Scheme 15: Trunk Side Stretch, Seated
             Movement Scheme 16: Trunk Side Stretch, Standing   
     11.  End Backache
             Movement Scheme 17: Raising the Leg into the Lumbar Region
             Movement Scheme 18: Raising the Leg into the Lumbar Region,
             with Weight Transfer
             Movement Scheme 19: Leg Pendulum, Backward
     12.  Reduce The Thighs and Abdomen
             Movement Scheme 20: Leg Pendulum, Forward
             Movement Scheme 21: Leg Pendulum, Forward and Backward
     13.  Sculpture The Chest
             Movement Scheme 22: Breast Muscle Control, at Shoulder Level Seated
             Movement Scheme 23: Breast Muscle Control, in the Diagonal
     14.  Abolish Double Chin
             Movement Scheme 24: Neck Forward Bend
             Movement Scheme 25: Neck Sideward Bend
     15.  Slenderize The Hips
             Movement Scheme 26: Leg Pendulum, Side-ways
             Movement Scheme 27: Leg Quarter Circle, Back Combination
             Movement Scheme 28: Leg Quarter Circle, Front Combination
     16.  Sculpture The Upper Back
             Movement Scheme 29: Shoulder Blade Shove, at Shoulder Level
             Movement Scheme 30: Shoulder Blade Shove, Diagonal
     17.  Strengthen The Ankles and Feet
             Movement Scheme 31: Arch-Building Steps Forward
             Movement Scheme 32: Arch-Building Steps Backward
     18.  Mold The Arms
             Movement Scheme 33: Arm-Bending and Stretching
             Movement Scheme 34: Arm Rotation, Outward and Inward
     19.  Limber The Knee Joints
             Movement Scheme 35: Knee-Bending and Stretching
             Movement Scheme 36: The :"Squat"
     20.  Shape The Legs
             Movement Scheme 37: The "Squat" in Step Position
             Movement Scheme 38: "Knee-Saw"
     21.  Strengthen The Feet
             Movement Scheme 39: Jumping
     22.  Combined Movement Schemes
             Movement Scheme 40: Arm-Raising and Breathing in Rhythm
             Movement Scheme 41: Round Forward Trunk Bend Combined
             with Breathing.
             Movement Scheme 42: Leg Pendulum Forward and Backward,
             Combined with Breathing.
             Movement Scheme 43: Trunk Side Stretch combined with


The Mensendieck System has been of interest  to me for many years in
work in orthopedic surgery.  The Knowledge of anatomy and the
mechanics of the body displayed by Dr. Mensendieck in setting up her
system of exercises, and teaching the reason for these exercises to her students, has been extremely successful.

The System, if carried out and conscientiously  followed by students and patients of those students, has given remarkable success in the
treatment of faulty posture and early scoliosis (curvature of the spine).  
In these days of early exercise after surgery, and treatment of cardiac
cases and neurologic cases by exercises, Dr. Mensendieck was far in
advance of her time when she designed her system and began teaching

I can heartily endorse the exercises as having worked great good for many
of my patients.

Paul B. Magnusun, M.D.
Chairman, President's Committee
on the Health Needs of the Nation

Note to my Readers: Since the Contents Pretty Well Defines What
Subject This Book Presents, I have chose to list for this month's
bookreview the above.  

I hope you have enjoyed viewing a peek at the contents of the book titled:
Look Better, Feel Better by Bess M. Mensendieck, M.D.

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